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    Originally posted 2-27-2017 10:39 AM

    I am preparing to burn the old family movies and pictures to a DVD and I have a few questions

    1. How much video(hours, minutes, whatever) can I put on one DVD?
    2. What type should I be making +R , -R,?
    3. Any recommended brands of DVD to buy or to avoid?
    4. When I export from Adobe Premiere Pro do I export as mpeg2 dvd or mpeg2 dvd blueray?
    5. How do add menus to a dvd?

    Anything else I should know?

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    Originally posted 2-28-2017 1:17 AM

    1. I think you can put about 2.5 hrs on a DVD, double that on a dual layer, and double each for Blu Ray at HD levels (e.g. Blue Ray, Blue Ray double layer).
    2. I don't think +R or -R makes much difference anymore. Most players should play either type. There is a slight different in capacity between them.

    4. Are you playing things back on a regular DVD player or a Blu Ray player? If you don't have Blu Ray, then use standard DVD encoding. If your source material is VHS or old grainy movie film, I'd use a standard definition format (720x480). No point wasting disk space for HD if the source isn't there (and HD is only a choice on BluRay). A Blu Ray burner is probably going to default to HD (1920x1080), so the software would have to allow you to pick the lower resolution. You'll get much more video time on a Blue Ray at standard def than at high def (11 hours on a single layer blue ray).

    Adding menus should be part of the disc burning software. The more you spend, the nicer this should work.

    Make one disk and test it on a true player to make sure all is well and your DVD player likes it. The computer will play back things a stand alone DVD player won't like.
    Kent, WA


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      Originally posted 2-28-2017 11:26 AM

      Thanks. It will be SD (old 8mm films and 35mm slides). What type of DVD player do most people have? I will most likely be burning copies for family members. How can I tell if my burner can do blueray?
      So I gather I need some different software other than Adobe to actually burn the DVDs. Any recommendations? Does win7 come with anything?


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        Originally posted 3-01-2017 12:38 AM

        My Windows 7 came with Windows DVD Maker. I've never used it, but if it is like other MS approaches, it will only play on Windows. Can't hurt to try it though. If you have a Blu Ray burner, there will be a b with a swoosh or BlueRay written on the door. There should be logos for what it supports -- CD, DVD, DVDRW, Blueray.

        I have an old DVD player and a newer Blu Ray player. If you're buying new, or even in the last few years, the premium for BlueRay is minimal and that is what I'd buy. But they last a long time, so if you want the most compatibility, I would do classic DVD as that is what people who haven't bought a player in 8 years is going to have. There are many DVD burning software packages out there, possibly even for free or almost free ones. If you go buy a new drive, it will come with software to burn DVD movies. You can most likely buy the software too without the burner drive.

        Most DVD players will support a slide show of JPEGs and some support some video formats. But if you want a typical DVD movie type of media where you have a menu and a play/scene selection/extras choice on the main screen, then you need software meant to burn DVD movies (not data discs). It should also allow you to create a title and have a short repeating video or picture for the intro during the menu presentation phase.
        Kent, WA


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          Originally posted 3-01-2017 10:38 AM

          Thanks. It looks like I have a normal DVD/CD burner.