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    Originally posted 8-23-2016 3:47 PM

    Living in Austin Texas. Electrician wired new house with coaxial and Cat6 cable to each room in the house. All the Cat6 wires are terminated outside in a separate bundle from cable wires. Electrician says cable company (Time Warner) will hook up outside demarcation box and run feed to ethernet outlets. Cable company says no. Cannot just pull cable into the house as that would put switch box on noticeable living room wall. Have a pantry 15' away with an outlet box and cat6 and coaxial. Nothing is hooked up except for 1 basic cable and wifi router. How can I get an outside, weather secure box, and run the feed over to the pantry and add switch box there to feed the house. Or can I feed the signal from the outside cluster to all the 8 outlets.?

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    Originally posted 8-23-2016 6:41 PM

    (trying to follow your post...)
    The liability and work limits for phone and cable companies is where your phone or cable line enters your house. The demarc point for phone and usually the outside connection box for cable. The "free" installation might include a basic run along the outside of your house to a wall plate along an outside wall, sometimes to a surface mount jack on a interior wall if you have a accessible crawlspace or unfinished basement. If you want more, you are paying them by the hour, and it's probably not a good idea since you may be getting outside of a basic installer's comfort zone. They almost never will touch structured wiring. A good installer might plug in to a well made and documented system, but they dont want to mess with it.. They want to get your stuff working the fastest way possible and get out the door. Crime warner is a winner at doing the least amount possible... if even that.

    If I understand correctly, you have 8 network drops that terminate outside your house, and you need to get them connected to a switch.

    Where is your cable modem and router located? Is there a live feed going out to this bundle of cables? If not, you have extra work to do, or you can use one of your 8 drops as a feed.

    You have 3 options...
    Wireless. You can get wifi adapters for desktop computers, and wireless bridges are available connect any non computer devices. May not be a cheap route depending on how much hardware you need, distance, etc. Unless you have several gamers in the house, AND are streaming more then 1 feed, I doubt you will max it out.

    Powered switch. Obviously you will need AC power at the location.

    POE (Power over eithernet) This is a fairly new technology. It does require a compatible switch and other hardware, and it is much more expensive. I also believe, you can only have 1 network connection per cable (see below). This will allow you to have a switch outside (or anywhere) with no AC power near it. Somewhere on the network you will need to have a power source that plugs into a wall jack and a network cable feeds through it. Easy to do and hide.

    If you locate a switch outside (powered or POE), the enclosure needs to be able to breathe. It also needs to be fairly bug tight. Electronic devices can attract bugs (luckily no transformers inside.. they are the worst at attracting things). Bugs can plug up air vents and cause it to overheat. Switches tend to get warm.

    It's a bit messy, but you can use your outdoor location as a connection box and run 4 cat 6 cables back indoors. Each cable can handle 2 e-net connections. A cable has 4 pairs, a connection requires 2. If you use POE, you need to run 8 cables. If you have finished connections outside, You can get snap in network jacks at most big box home improvement stores for a few bucks each. Terminate your new runs, and plug them in. If you have unfinished connections you can either finish them with the above jacks, or install a small punchdown block.

    Keep in mind... an 8 port switch, has 8 ports.. It will feed 7 connections, not 8.

    Also, also, on a unrelated note... You can buy your own cable modem and router and not get gouged by the cable company every month.. I bought a modem for $20. was paid for in 2.5 months. The cable companies profited $19 BILLION from converter and modem rentals last year alone.