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    my neighbor gave me this LG portable air conditioner, it's a model LP1215GXR and he said that it won't cool. I can tell that the compressor is not starting. I tore it down today and I think that I have narrowed it down to the capacitor that starts or maybe runs the compressor motor. It is supposed to be a 60 microfarad cap. and all I can get out of it at most is about 3.7 nanofarads according to my multimeter. Stupid thing is only about a year old and of course the warranty is 1 year. I checked most of the other switches, such as pressure switch, level switch, overload and they all show closed. Fan works fine and speeds up and down as it should and the temp. settings seem to work, so I think that the control board is OK.

    I went to check on the Appliance Repair site for this cap. and it is not available of course. I checked on Amazon and they do sell a 60 microfarad cap., but it is a dual type of cap., in other words, it is a 5 microfarad and a 60 microfarad cap. and the voltage should be 250 VAC and the one that Amazon has is a 440 VAC.

    Do you think that this capacitor will work OK in the application as long as I make the right connections?


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    When I looked it up by the model# it does come up as 60uf at 250 volts.

    A 3 terminal cap could be used but the voltage should be the same. You would only use the 2 terminals needed.

    I found two places that say the original cap is in stock.

    LINK> Capacitor
    LINK> Capacitor ( picture shown is wrong )

    Appliance Repair Aid