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Thread: 3 wire receptacle or 4 wire for a range

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    Wink 3 wire receptacle or 4 wire for a range

    I am trying to do a little work and have an electrician check it. I have a tenant with a range that is a 3 prong 50amp 125/250 (looks like the 10-50R).

    List of materials purchased:
    50 amp Siemens Circuit Breaker
    25 ft of 6/3 Aluminum wire
    Cable Brackets
    50amp 125/250V receptacle

    I am aware that the code changed in 1999 requiring 4 wire, albeit after I purchased this stuff. Would it be better for longevity to install 6/4 rather than the 6/3 and have the 3 prong range plug rewired? Not even sure if you can install the 3wire, though it is an old house. .

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    6/3 cable is the proper cable. It has three conductors AND a ground. If the stove has a three prong plug, the cord should be changed to the four prong variety.
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    Out of curiosity where are your from? Most insurance companies in Canada will not allow AL wire to be installed for branch circuits.


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