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Thread: Neutral/white has no current ???

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    Default Neutral/white has no current ???

    Neutral/white has no current ???

    I thought GFI outlet was defective, so replaced outlet, and still no juice.

    Removed outlet and tested wires (meter set at 200 alternating).

    Black to ground test at 120V

    Black to White test at 0.1

    White to ground test at 0.0

    Would appreciate you help.

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    Somewhere upstream, the white has become disconnected. Did you add or replace and outlet, switch, or light fixture recently? Finding what is upstream of the GFCI box can be challenging...

    But first, are you using the correct white -- you need to use the one in the same cable jacket as the 120V hot wire. This black and white would be the ones connected to the LINE side of your GFCI. IF your GFCI was tripping, you could have also interconnected two 120V hots together creating a ring. That will trip a GFCI because currents won't match.

    So how many cables are in this box, and what are the wire colors in each cable?
    Which of those wires have 120V on them?

    If it is just one cable with black-white-ground and the voltages are as you mentioned, then the problem us upstream with a poor or broken neutral connection.
    Kent, WA

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