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Thread: Breaker will not seat correctly

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    Default Breaker will not seat correctly

    I have removed a two pole 220 breaker (formerly used for electric heat) and
    I am trying to get two single pole breakers one 20amp the other 15 amp
    These will be deadicated to the master bathroom. 20A for outlets 15A for lights

    The flipping 15A won't seat on the panel studs it looks as if the contact stud is too long or the breaker receiver point is too shallow I am positive I have the correct breaker WTHECK am I missing

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    What is the brand and type of the breaker and the approximate age of the panel (e.g. SquareD has 2 types, Cutler Hammer has 2 types, so saying SqD or CH is not enough).

    Also, how wide is the single pole breaker (1/2", 3/4", 1")? Is there any wording in the panel about slots and circuits (e.g. 30 slot/40 circuit, 40/40, 20/40, etc)?
    Kent, WA

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