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Hoping anyone can help!
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Hoping anyone can help!


Hoping anyone can help!
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Thread: Hoping anyone can help!

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    Sep 2017
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    Default Hoping anyone can help!

    Adding a half bath to our home built in 1800's . So I ran 3 lines to box, 1 is power to an outlet with 2 additional USB ports,
    Line 2 runs from Fan to dual dimmable switch
    Line 3 from last dimmable switch to a chandelier. The outlet seems to be working but I can't get anything from dual switch to light or fan. Not a light/fan combo..

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    You will need to give more details on how you hooked up the devices that are not working. Then we can tell where you went wrong.
    Operation Overlord.

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    For sure it needs more details to find the cause of the problem.

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