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Thread: Need help with diagram

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    Default Need help with diagram

    Thank you in advance for anybody taking time to read this.

    I have a power >>>gfci>>>fan>>>motion sensor(Lutron MS-OPS2)>>> light

    The problem is I can't set my lamp or my fan to cut off via light sensor

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    Are you running new wires (new install) or trying to make an existing install work? Is the motion sensor to control just the light, or the light and the fan? If this is a 15 amp circuit, you'll need 14-3 between the fan and motion sensor if you want the sensor to cut off the fan. The light should be easy -- double check that you have the correct wires from the sensor to the light and that the sensor is properly configured (some have a manual override setting which could be set to ON, some have a very long time lag and will turn off eventually).

    This switch also has a 2 amp limit -- probably not enough to do the fan and light. Just do the light. Also, is your ground wire good -- this switch needs the ground to function.

    If this is an existing install, please indicate what cables are run between boxes (e.g. (1) 14-2 from GFCI to fan, (2) 14-2 from fan to switch box, (1) 14-2 from switch to light, ...).

    I can draw a bunch of different diagrams, but most will be irrelevant if your existing wires can't do it.
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