Kitchen remodel
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Kitchen remodel


Kitchen remodel
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Thread: Kitchen remodel

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    Default Kitchen remodel

    I want to add a 40 amp circuit for a double oven and a dedicated 20 amp circuit for my fridge. I have a double space available on my 200 amp panel. What size CB in the main will I need to feed a sub panel for the above requirements.

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    With only 2 circuits you don't have much diversity. And is 40A enough for a double oven -- I'd think it needs a 50A but it depends on the total KW on that oven nameplate. I'd prefer a 60A, but a 50A would probably work. Note that you should put in a second 20A 120V circuit to fully utilize this subpanel.

    If you're putting the subpanel next to the main, I'd go with a short nipple and a 100A breakerso you have room for the next thing you decide to add to your house. A 100A breaker is a small step over a 15 to 60A breaker. 50A and 60A cost the same. Using a shor nipple lets you use THHN wire which can be pushed harder than NM (romex) cable. Cost is little if you only need 4' of each color.
    Kent, WA

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