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Pushmatic Panel replacement
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Pushmatic Panel replacement


Pushmatic Panel replacement
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Thread: Pushmatic Panel replacement

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    Question Pushmatic Panel replacement

    Good day experts. I was wondering if you may be able to help me with a few questions.

    I had an issue with my 200 amp Pushmatic box and was told it needs to be replaced ( something along the lines of the main screw down nut is stripped). Anyway i asked an electrical company to come by and give me an estimate. I had a few questions that he didn't really answer properly I thought. I have attache d a picture of my current box. They want to put a 200 amp Square D box in. They told me I can buy it and they will install it.

    Im looking at pricing them and i noticed the ground bars are on the sides and my old Pushmatic is on top. Alot of my ground wires would be too short to reach new bar. The tech told me he can splice the grounds in another box and extend them it wouldn't be an issue. I thought he said something about a gutter box but can't be sure?

    Is it possible for him to splice the grounds in a separate box to extend them or i guess is it up to code so to speak?
    He also mentioned that a new panel would allow me to add circuits if I choose.

    I'm not really 2nd guessing his expertise, just trying to understand what exactly he is going to be doing and if it's safe and up to code.I have read differing things online and figured I would ask some experts.
    The picture is sideways sorry not sure why that happened.

    Pushmatic Panel replacement-img_1598-jpg

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    Yes that is legal. You may splice/extend equipment ground wires. The only thing you can't splice is the ground electrode conductor - -the large (typically bare) wire going from the panel to ground rods, or a footing electrode, and/or a metal water pipe that is metal OUTSIDE for 10' or more.

    There is even a rule that if you splice equipment grounds and combine them, you can extend that splice with one wire that is as large as the largest one in the splice. The idea being that all circuits aren't going to short out at once so one wire can handle it. A box could be put above the panel with a long ground bar in it to take all those #14 - #10 grounding wires and then just run a single #10 into the main disconnect grounding bar. You may have to meet new code requirements for grounding, and anything that has been code but done wrong (e.g. insufficient panel clearances) when updating a Service. Most power companies require an inspection sticker before reconnecting an updated service.
    Kent, WA

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