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Thread: Light Switch will not Turn off light

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    Default Light Switch will not Turn off light

    Posted By: dwags24

    Bought a home in April. Master Bedroom had a ceiling fan that light and fan worked and had a dimmer switch that did not work. Decided to replace dimmer switch and ceiling fan with a light and regular switch. After the light was replaced and power applied it stayed on. The switch will not turn it on and off. If you plug something into the button portion of the outlets in the room the switch will turn them on and off so I know the switch functions. One thing I did find is that when I killed the switch on the circuit breaker and the light turned off it also turned off the bathroom light and microwave so I know that's on the same circuit. It did not turn power off on the outlets. I found that out the hard way. Not sure if the light was rewired or what's going on here any help you could offer would be great.

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    1. You can't use a dimmer to control a receptacle.
    2. Tell us about all the wires in the switch box and the light box and the receptacle that is controlled by the switch.

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