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    Hello everyone at EZ-Forums.

    Well, I want to wire in a new 15Amp breaker.

    I'm positive I can do the wiring, but I'm having a hard time making a plan of attack on fishing wire up from basement to second/top floor.

    -Location: NL, Canada.
    -The house isn't new but it's not super old.
    -200 Amp service panel/breaker box in basement (Square D I believe) with about 6 unused breakers in it, lots of room for expansion (almost a full row of slots).

    I'm wanting a new receptacle in the main bedroom wall. It's the exterior wall; front of the house. I start to make a pumpkin cut and then I realize I'm not gettin through, so I utility knife it and pop it out...the house has solid wood behind the drywall! It's about 1-1/8" thick. (I did get a peek in behind a receptacle box and there's dead space behind the wood I guess its on 2x4 framing??

    There are already two receptacles on that wall. They are on circuit #17, along with ten other receptacles and one ceiling fan/light in the kitchen - it's ridiculous. Some are bathroom GFCI...etc

    Is there even any advice to be given here? haha. Would pictures help?
    I figured an outside wall would be easiest but I duno what I should do.

    Thanks for any helpful suggestions.

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    Outside walls are usually insulated so that is not the best choice for fishing wires.
    some tip for fishing wires.
    Plumbing pipes will run straight through so if there is one near where the receptacle needs to be maybe you can fish the wire up along side it.
    Sometimes heating ducts are can have open space beside them as well. Don't fish a cable up inside a cold air return. That's not allowed. You can cross it but you can't go up it.
    Remove baseboards and cut behind them to fish the wire sideways. It minimizes the damage to visible parts of the wall.
    Operation Overlord.

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