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Thread: Certain electrical outlets and lights do not function.

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    Default Certain electrical outlets and lights do not function.

    I'm really confused since the respective circuit breakers are un-tripped and even the manufacturers of the of the lighting have not been of any assistance at all.
    I recently got the thought that maybe replacing the circuit breakers would solve the problems and even thought of bring in an electrician to replace the 30 year old Main Electrical Panel. What I am seeking here is some direction on the best approach to take to return these non-functioning electrical items back to their former state. Thank you.

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    We need a bit of info and we can assist you.
    Are the devices that are not functioning all on the same circuit breaker?
    Is everything on the circuit out or only some of the things on the circuit?
    If more than one circuit is affected, what are the breaker numbers of the affected circuits?
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    If it is multiple circuits, are they common to every other row of the breaker panel? If so, you may have lost one of the power feeds to your house, or have one loose wire between the meter and breaker panel. This is easy to verify with a volt meter if you can measure when the circuits are dead.

    Of if isn't that, see if these certain outlets and lights are on GFCI protected circuits and go hit the RESET button on each. Some are not obvious when they trip, and some houses use GFCI's in strange places to protect outlets and lights in other parts of the house. But only a few areas require GFCI protection (e.g. kitchen counters, bathroom outlets, outside outlets, and perhaps garage and basement receptacles).
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