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    Hello, I want to attach a patio to my home. I have a rather large area to cover and I am trying my best to figure out a way to build it and avoid putting any posts in the center areas.(I think its unavoidable but just want to ask) The patio shape is a bit odd, my longest span is 20'. I live in the south where it never snows so I dont need to worry about that weight. I will use corrugated metal for the roof, vinyl soffit for the ceiling and a couple ceiling fans, so I think there wont be too much weight to hold. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated. I have attached a rough sketch of the layout, please dont post to wall of shame. Thank You! (The white area is the concrete patio and the black dots are my posts about 10.5' apart)

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    You might not have the worry of a snow load but you do have a rain load to consider and in many ways that is much more of an issue. 18 - 20-' rafter span is a long way especially being that this is a covered patio and therefor probably a very flat roof pitch. Have you worked out what your pitch will actually be ? How are you attaching it to the house ? (if you are).
    On a 20' span your going to need 2x12's on 12" centers at the very least BUT they will sag over time, Patio roofs have other external issues that factor pretty heavily on lumber, exposed lumber, heat from metal roofs etc...etc... If it were me I'd be looking at steel purlins (C or Z) your going to get much longer spans, with a much lighter product.

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    If budget is not a problem I would suggest asking for some professional help after all a patio is the first thing you will notice in a house outside. Try calling {URL Removed by Moderator}. They are very professional, efficient and one of the best in the industry, worth all the penny. I hope I was able to help...
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    Yeah! it's a great idea of patio construction, it will make your home look more beautiful. It will also add to your home's value. One of my friend has recently renovated his house by building a deck over a concrete patio which has enhance the exterior beauty of his house. You should also try constructing a beautiful deck over the patio with the help of some good deck contractor at Fairfax, VA or the locality you live.

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    Very beautiful idea, looking very comfortable and beautiful, i appreciate the work, i like this, please keep sharing such work...

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