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Thread: Living room and Kitchen painting ideas?

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    Default Living room and Kitchen painting ideas?

    I want to paint my living room a beige color and decorate it in primitives like reds and dark blues. I would like to paint our kitchen a sage green and have it wine themed. My question is will these two themes and colors go well together? The house is open so you can see the kitchen from the living room. If not what would be some suggestions? I would like to keep the two themes but not sure how to mix them.
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    The colors are nice but maybe you might also consider the furniture that you will be using. Match the right furniture for your theme and you'll have your mind at peace. Also, take care of those old furniture that you have maybe you will have the idea of putting them somewhere where they would not complicated with the color combination and the theme you choose.
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    I agree both colors are good but it seems dark blue is a little loud to go with the other colors but then again you could tame it with the furniture you will be putting. I know this is an old thread so I am interested on how it goes?

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