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Five easy ways to prevent a flooding disaster in your home

1.) Pay attention to water hoses connected to appliances. Check washing machine water and dishwasher hoses periodically for wear. Blisters in rubber hoses may indicate an immediate threat of rupturing, which could fill homes with gallons of water, possibly at scalding hot temperatures, within minutes. Most washing machine manufacturers recommend replacing the hoses every five years. Consider replacing manufacturer-provided rubber water hoses with more durable, stainless-steel hoses. If your refrigerator water supply tube is white-colored plastic, replace it with gray-colored plastic or copper.

2.) Regularly check water heaters for leaking from the tank or associated parts. Given their common location in a basement or utility room, water heater leaks often go undetected. Make a point to inspect your water heater tank and pressure relief valve for leaking. If leaking is found, contact a professional to determine the source. Even a very small leak can turn catastrophic quickly.

3.) Run appliances only when they can be monitored. Leaving the house while appliances are in operation is dangerous. If you're home when something goes wrong, such as when water lines burst or a machine overflows, you'll be able to limit flood damage.

4.) Use leak-detection tools. For washing machines, consider a water shutoff device like Floodstop that will immediately stop supplying water to hoses when it senses a leak. Simple trays and rubber mats designed specifically for beneath dishwashers and washing machines can help homeowners detect leaks faster and prevent floor damage.

5.) Act immediately when a leak is detected, even if it's minor. Don't ignore leaks from dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines, garbage disposers, sinks, toilets and other equipment operating with a water supply. Most home insurance policies cover accidental and sudden floods but they may reject a claim for damages associated with floods that began with a slow leak ignored by the homeowner for a long time. The solution could be as simple as replacing an inexpensive part. For toilets, sinks and other plumbing-related equipment, contact your local plumber as soon as possible.

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