Appliance tip of the week...

Hollow ice cubes:

This is often a low water problem, the fill valve and shut off valve are bad for getting a build up inside them that slows the water pressure to the icemaker. I find it best to replace them both for this type of problem. A very LARGE problem in the last few years has been the self piercing shut off valve clogging up with calcium and junk! Replace the self piercing shut off valve with a drill type shut off valve. You drill a 1/4" hole into the pipe and install the shut off valve the same way you would with a self piercing valve.
Ice Maker is overflowing and leaking into the ice bucket:

There are several things to check for. Go for the easy stuff first, make sure the icemaker is level, some of the plastic liner fridge's will move and allow the icemaker to tilt over and leak. Other troublemakers..... the fill valve staying on and over filling the icemaker..... the finish sometimes comes off the icemaker body and all the ice cubes don't come out. This will allow the new water to fill on top of an icemaker that still has a ice cube or two left inside the body, if you have had trouble with black specs in your ice cubes, this may have been the beginning of your finish problem on the icemaker body. On the module style ice makers (Whirlpool, Maytag Family, Sub Zero) the printed circuit in the module head often wears and the contacts become too long and allow the icemaker to over fill = new ice maker or new module head.

Icemakers - Appliance tip of the week-water-filter-mwf-01014665-jpg GE Refrigerator Water Filter

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