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GE dishwashers ( some Kenmores are a GE d/w, 363.######## ) not draining tip...

Most ?no-pump-out? issues will be solved by cleaning out a plugged air gap, drain hose or disposer. However, on GE dishwashers with a rear filter, ?no-pump-out? may also be caused by a malfunctioning piston and nut assembly, located underneath the rear filter. To save time, effort and repeat service calls, always inspect the piston and nut assembly when diagnosing a ?no-pump-out? complaint. The piston and nut assembly has an integral check valve, shaped like an umbrella, which closes the collection chamber inlet during pump out.

If the check valve is damaged, held open by debris or assembled upside down, water will circulate inside the tub instead of going down the drain. Cleaning a clogged valve or replacing a defective one will solve the problem. The part number is WD24X10018.

If the piston and nut assembly is functioning normally, verify operation of other parts of the drain system. As a reminder, those parts include the dual pump check valve on models with a three port collection chamber, the adapter check valve at the outlet of the collection chamber, the solenoid/gate valve mechanism on the main pump and both the main pump and dual pump, if equipped.

GE dishwasher drain issue - Appliance tip of the week-check-valve-wd24x10018-01185412-jpg Piston assembly for check valve

GE dishwasher drain issue - Appliance tip of the week-drain-solenoid-kit-wd21x10060-01137333-jpg Dishwasher drain solenoid kit

GE dishwasher drain issue - Appliance tip of the week-pump-motor-assembly-wd26x10013-00858827-jpg Dishwasher motor and pump kit

GE dishwasher drain issue - Appliance tip of the week-dishwasher-disposer-cleaner-wx10x10200-00713580-jpg Dishwasher Magic, dishwasher cleaner