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Some FAQ questions and answers...

Electric Range FAQs

Q - What does an oven temp sensor look like?

Q - My range has a fault code flashing in the display, what does it mean?

Q - How can I test what might be wrong when my range flashed F1

Q - My surface element has to be "jiggled" or pushed in to make it work....what may be wrong?

Q - My electric oven is dead, is there anything that I could check?

Q - Except for the lights my entire range is out....what can I check?

Q - My oven temp is there any way of adjusting it?

Q - My surface element will not lower down and stay on high heat only?

Refrigerator FAQs

Q - My refrigerator is running and not cold enough, what are some things that I could check for?

Q - What is the normal temperatures found inside my fresh food section and freezer section for a frost free fridge?

Q - My frost free fridge is leaking water inside under the crispers, what and where could that from?

Q - Can my fridge be moved on it's side?

Q - How long can I store food in my frost free refrigerator freezer and how?

Q - I feel warmth ( sometimes even hot to the touch ) around my refrigerator door openings on the cabinet, why?

Q - How long does it take a refrigerator to get down to the correct temperature?

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