Problems with Kenmore 596.72383411 Fridge is not that cold - Appliance tip of the week.
106.54582400 Hot Center Divider - Appliance tip of the week.

Problems with Kenmore 596.72383411 Fridge is not that cold

Can someone tell make if they know of any video or pics of how to take off vents and get to fan on this fridge Even would like to get to the ice machine on top. I don't want to break the plastic I got the ice of coils but there is probley more I can hear the fan that makes sound when you close the doors Fridge is not that cold. Freezer ok when you open see a lot of cold steam air. Would appreciate any help.

Yes, look at page 5-9 and 5-10 in the manual here.

Here's the evaporator fan motor for the refrigerator section for your model, link is here.

106.54582400 Hot Center Divider

Hi, I have a Kenmore side by side freezer/refrigerator and the center divider is hot to the touch. I cleaned the compressor radiator grille and the fan is running fine but it is still getting hot to the touch. What next?

Replace the condensor fan motor with this updated motor. The easiest way to clean the condensor coils is with compressed air if you have an air compressor. Or use a condensor brush to get between the coils. Remove the lower grill and be sure to get the bottom and top of the coils.

Whirlpool Motor-Cond OEM.

Whirlpool Multi Use Cleaning Brush for Refrigerators and Dryers.