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Leaking Dishwasher Help

Leaks at the door:

Door gasket loose/torn
Corner gaskets or door baffle/vent gasket
Door lock/latch loose/broken
Split spray arm
Over filling with water...usually the level is just under the heating element is normal
Something leaking through the the soap or rinse agent dispenser gasket, silverware basket button.
Door hinge(s) bent
Wrong soap was sink soap instead of dishwasher soap
Rinse aid being used with mechanically softened water ( makes foam or suds inside the dishwasher )

Leaks from under the unit:

Look for whiting or calcium stain on the motor and pump assembly = motor and pump assembly seal leak...access panel removal help
Hose for upper spray arm split
Fill hose split or fill hose spout air inlet is calcium covered
Drain hose is split
Rusted liner...metal liners only
Fill valve leaking or allowing water to fill all the time
Heating element ends....where they come out through the dishwasher liner
Float or float gasket
Dishwasher Leaking Hose

Many of the manufactures today have gone to a plastic corrugated drain hose on there dishwashers. These hoses have been trouble for leaking!!. Where the drain hose makes a bend it seems to get weak and splits = water on the floor. If you have a leaking water problem, especially if the dishwasher still leaks when the dishwasher is not in use complaint...check for a cracked drain hose.

Appliance tip of the week... Leaking Dishwasher Help-drainhose-jpg

Removing the dishwasher access panel help so you can check the hose.

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