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Dryer venting and safety

Pictured is the dryer before we cleaned it and the danger involved in using the white vinyl venting. I say it once more, If you have the white vinyl venting on your dryer, redo the vent with good pipe and save your self lots of dollars in power savings and maybe even save your life from a burnt house. There are many aluminum semi-rigid, flexible, rigid products that does a good job in venting. Use the white vinyl stuff if you insist, but don't be surprised when problems occur, and don't be surprised if you burn your home down. Picture of the dryer. These folks were lucky!! They were right on the verge of a major fire. Reference model 110.66901690

Dryer Vent Length
The sheet below is a common length recommendation sheet that can be used for many dryers manufactured today....

Appliance tip of the week... Dryer venting and safety-vent-length-450-jpg

Notice that the length you are allowed to safely run the dryer vent depends on which style of duct your use, the amount of elbows needed and type of vent hood.

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Simply cleaning your dryer vent can reduce drying time, conserve energy, prevent vent fires, and extend the life of your dryer! This vent brush is designed for standard 4" dryer venting

Most dryer "too long to dry" or "poor/low heat" complaints can be traced back to a bad or poor venting system and sometimes a poorly maintained lint filter. Do not go outside and put your hand under the vent opening and say " it is fine - I feel air coming out"...that is not good enough...take your venting apart, clean it ALL out and make sure the vent hood flapper works and that it is not clogged with lint. Make sure your venting system is short, straight and resistance free as possible. A poor venting system will shorten the life of your dryer, plug up the fan blower and duct work inside your dryer as well. See good practices here.

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