It's spring - time for critical home maintenance that will reduce energy consumption and keep your appliances and equipment running well.

11 tips listed below...

~Tune up lawn and garden equipment

Replace air filters, fuel filters, spark plugs and other key components. Inspect lawn mowers, string trimmers, edgers and other equipment for damage and performance issues and troubleshoot and complete repairs.

~Replace furnace or air handler air filter

Replace the air filter at least twice annually or more often if you live in a dusty environment. A dirty air filter will cause your furnace?s fan and motor to work harder, increasing energy usage. It will also restrict air flow, eventually leading to component failure and expensive repairs.

~Clean out the central air conditioning system

Use a condenser coil cleaning brush to remove leaves and other debris from the condensing unit?s aluminum fins. Shrub and tree trimming may be necessary to prevent air flow restriction. There should be two feet of clear space around the unit and eight feet of space above the unit.

~Properly seal the exterior

Inspect the exterior for holes and fill as needed. Apply fresh weather stripping to windows and doors.

~Clean out dryer venting

Use a dryer vent cleaning brush to remove lint buildup from the inside of the dryer to the outside. This should happen at least once per year, as lint buildup in dryers is an extreme fire hazard.

~Replace refrigerator water filter

Water filters should be replaced at least every six months. Follow refrigerator owner?s manuals for model-specific care and maintenance information.

~Clean off refrigerator condenser coils

The condenser coils ( hot coils ) should be cleaned once a year. If you have a pet with long hair, probably a good idea to clean yours more often...maybe every 6 months. Cleaning the condenser coils will save energy and help the refrigerator run better and more efficiently.

~Troubleshoot and repair appliances and equipment

Look for changes in performance and troubleshoot to fix issues as soon as possible to reduce energy consumption, avoid downtime and prevent costlier repairs.

~Check for water leakage

Inspect pipes and plumbing for water leakage. Check washing machine fill hoses for blistering and cracks. If damage is found, turn off the water supply and replace the fill hoses as soon as possible with stainless steel hoses.

~Use a pressure washer to thoroughly clean home siding and decks.

~Change batteries in carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

This should be done very 6 months!

Get your home ready - Appliance tip of the week-cleaning-brush-18001034-00559870-jpg Dryer vent cleaning brush. For 4" diameter round ducts. 20 feet long

Get your home ready - Appliance tip of the week-door-key-5303310289-01157235-jpg Freezer or Refrigerator door key, shaped like a plus sign

Get your home ready - Appliance tip of the week-water-filter-wf3cb-01157899-jpg Pure Source water filter