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Q - My dishwasher looks dingy it time for a new dishwasher ?

A - There are some good commercial products to clean water scale and calcium from the inside of your is Dishwasher Magic.

For a dishwasher liner that is just looking "tired"....pouring in some crystal tang ( yes the drink ) the dishwasher through a short cycle...the tang will freshen up the smell of your dishwasher and also help clean it out.

Q - My dishwasher wont drain, what can I check for ?

A - Please see the dishwasher pages dishwasher pages for more detailed information.

Q - My dishwasher is making a noise, is there something I can check before calling for service ?

A - Have a look to make sure something has not fallen into the pump assembly, sometimes a hard piece ( like a pit ) or small utensil can fall into the pump and make a grinding style of a noise.

Q - The dishwasher is empty when the cycle is over, but the next morning there is water inside the dishwasher, what could be wrong ??

A - Two things to consider....clean water or dirty water?

Clean water usually indicates the fill valve is not shutting off all the way and the fill valve is "weeping" water in all the time = new fill valve time!!

Dirty water usually is not a dishwasher problem but more of a plumbing issue. Often the sink drain that carries the sinks water outside is not fast enough and some of this sink water is backing up into the drain hose and filling up the dishwasher through the drain hose. The drain from the sink to outside needs attention as this type of a problem indicates a slow house drain for that sink.

The dishwasher drain line should be clamped to the top underneath part of the counter before entering the sink drain plumbing, this may help the water from coming back inside the dishwasher.

Q - I just installed my food waste disposal, now my dishwasher will not drain, what could be wrong??

A - New disposals have a "plug" in the connection stub for the dishwasher drain hose. This plug MUST be removed or the dishwasher will not be able to drain into the disposal.
Removing Disposal Plug

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Q - My dishwasher is full of soap!!

A - You may have used detergent not designed for automatic dishwashers. You may be using too much detergent/tablets. Or you may be using liquid detergent. Some rinse agents and mechanically softened water will also makes suds. Putting 2 tablespoons of oil into the sudsy water at the bottom of the dishwasher will help break up the suds. Sprinkle ordinary table salt liberally across the suds to disperse them. Add a large quantity of ice cubes from your freezer to the tub. This causes the water temp to lower, thus degrading some more of the suds. Try to drain the unit as much as possible, soaking up any residual water or suds with a dry towel. Let the unit fill again, and repeat the salt and ice if necessary. I also use a commercial spa or water bed de-foamer, which is found at Home Depot or any pool supply store. This works as a surfactant to break down the bubbles almost instantly. (Only squirt a few drops in and run the unit)

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LINK> Dishrack tine repair kit, 25 tips, bottle of touch up vinyl paint, white

Dishwasher tips - Appliance tip of the week-blue-tine-repair-jpg
LINK> Dishwasher rack repair kit with blue tine tips and blue acrylic touch-up paint

Dishwasher tips - Appliance tip of the week-dishwasher-cleaner-w10282479-01462275-jpg
LINK> Affresh dishwasher cleaner and deodorizer - 6 tablets

Dishwasher tips - Appliance tip of the week-dishwasher-cleaner-5304482929-01249713-jpg
LINK> Glisten dishwasher cleaner

Dishwasher tips - Appliance tip of the week-repair-manual-w10131216-00670314-jpg
LINK> Dishwasher Do-It-Yourself Repair Manual