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    My Kitchenaid is not cooling.Lights and fans working.Compressor is very warm.After unplugging it for1/2 hour plugged it back in compressor seemed to start for a minute the click sound and it shut off(compressor).Could it be a relay Model # KSRG22FKSSB4 Thanks
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    Could it be a relay
    Yes, or the compressor or both.

    I got KSRG22FKSS04 to work for me.

    Since the compressor will start for short periods, the relay/overload is not 100% toast, what an appliance tech would do is check the compressors amp draw starting and running, ohm the compressors windings and if ok he/she would try an new relay/overlaod. If the amp reading is high the compressor would then be the suspect.


    Kitchenaid Superba-start-device-8201786-01023087-jpg Starting device kit, compressor. Manufacturer Number 8201786

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