Kenmore 70 Series not spinning

Kenmore 70 Series not spinning

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Thread: Kenmore 70 Series not spinning

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    I am having trouble with my Kenmore 70 series washer that is about 12 years old Model #110.20712990. I noticed that my clothes were not being spun dry. I redo the spin process and then it spins them dry. I watched it to see what happens and when it gets to the spin process, it drains but does not spin. If I open the lid to stop the process and then close it, then it spins. Per other suggestions online I have replaced the clutch. I checked the coupler and it looks fine. I took the drum out and checked the drive block and that looks fine. One other thing I noticed while watching it was, I put a screwdriver in to hold the lid switch down, when it got to where it should be spinning, it did not as usual but was draining. As I pulled the screwdriver out of lid switch and you could hear the washer shutting down I heard a click and the drum started to spin about an inch while it shut down. It almost appeared like the shutting down reset it and caused the spin cycle to engage while it stopped. When I put the screwdriver back into the lid switch then it started to spin. So essentially, it won't spin unless you stop it and start it again during the spin cycle.
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    A copy:

    This machine is a forward/reversing style of washer. The motor drives one direction to wash, stops, reverses and goes the other direction to spin and pump. The timer is responsible for cycling the motor back and forth. As the "direct drive" name indicates, there is no belt on this machine, but it has a coupler between the motor and the gear box. Most ( not all ) direct drive washers are a neutral drain washer, means the timer allows the washer to pump out the water and then the timer pauses ( stops ) the washer so the neutral drive in the gearbox can reset for spinning, and when the timer allows the washer to start back up again the pumping will continue and spinning will occur. You should be able to see the pauses on the washer wiring diagram flow chart.

    If I open the lid to stop the process and then close it, then it spins.
    You -may- be manually creating the pauses. That pause is what allows the tranny/gearbox to drop from neutral to the spin mode. Possible timer issue. *If* the pauses are there, trouble is in the tranny/gearbox.

    Kenmore 70 Series not spinning-timer-661636-01141743-jpg Timer Manufacturer part number 661636

    Kenmore 70 Series not spinning-transmission-3360629-00634726-jpg Gearcase for direct drive washer Manufacturer part number 3360629

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