Kenmore Refridgerator spewing water

Kenmore Refridgerator spewing water

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Thread: Kenmore Refridgerator spewing water

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    Default Kenmore Refridgerator spewing water

    Kenmore Refridgerator
    model 79551013010
    serial 071$0235-09921
    The refridgerator was turned off and drained for the winter and then when it got turned back on no water was coming out of the dispenser. Someone had taked the unti apart and the dispenser and hoses where taken apart and taped up. There was no ohm reading on the inlet valve so I replaced the inlet valve. Now the water inlet valve is spewing water. I am wondering if the hoses got switched but the tech sheet with the diagram for the hoses is missing. I am not sure what to do next.

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    Damn LG built Kenmore.

    Kenmore Refridgerator spewing water-water-inlet-valve-mjx42111401-01247537-jpg Kenmore Refridgerator spewing water-water-inlet-valve-mjx42111401-01247954-jpg

    Looks like water in from the house on top of the valve on the right, out to the filter, from the filter into the black, out the the icemaker red, out the chilled water white/grey.
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