freezing refrigerator and freezer

freezing refrigerator and freezer

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Thread: freezing refrigerator and freezer

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    Default freezing refrigerator and freezer

    please help! i have a Frigidaire side by side refrigerator model#FRS23R4CW3. first it started defrosting everything fridge and freezer side. did this twice. after we plugged it back up the 3rd time, it started freezing everything. it's like the fridge and freezer side is too cold. it will eventually freeze up the water line but you can use the ice maker. the fridge will stay around 25 degrees on lowest setting and the freezer will drop below O degrees on lowest setting. the water filter housing cracked due to it freezing. we have changed the defrost control, the damper control and the refrigerator thermostat control. any ideas???? thanks in advance for any help or advice.

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    So far we normally use this kit here...

    freezing refrigerator and freezer-temperature-control-thermostat-5304482075-01196307-jpg Temperature control housing and air damper control kit

    ...for freezing issues and haven't had any problems since. Odd you changed the individual parts and still are having issues.
    If the housing is not screwed back into place properly and nice and tight against the wall the freezer air coming out into the the fresh food section can leak around the air damper and cause freezing issues.

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