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Maytag gas dryer

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    Question Maytag gas dryer

    My Maytag gas dryer model# MGD5770TQ0 will not heat. I want to check the thermostat and gas valve, but cannot figure out how to get to them. There are no screws at the bottom front to take off. Am I supposed to take off the back or the front? Thanks!

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    Operating and safety thermostats are at the back...gas valve, ignitor are at the front...

    Maytag gas dryer-w0710029-00002-png
    Maytag gas dryer-w0710029-00003-png

    ...access helps...

    My Maytag gas dryer will not heat
    Problem - Gas flame comes on first few times then quits and igniter keeps cycling on and off but never lets the gas go.

    Answer ( most common ) - Replace the coils on the Gas Valve.

    Problem - No flame, no igniter glowing at all.

    Answer ( most common ) - Inspect igniter for small burnt spot on dark gray or black part of igniter or check for 110 volts to igniter when dryer should be calling for heat.

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