Amana ACF3375AB: convert to LP gas?

Amana ACF3375AB: convert to LP gas?

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Thread: Amana ACF3375AB: convert to LP gas?

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    Question Amana ACF3375AB: convert to LP gas?

    I have a stove (30" Amana: ACF3375AB) I'm trying to convert from NAT gas to LP gas. The manual says to read the included instructions to convert. There are (were) no included instructions. There are no instructions posted on the Amana site. I called Amana to buy conversion kit, none available, never was one available. Called my local appliance dealer, they looked up and found nothing either. Tech there is dumbfounded. I opened regulator on back of stove, it's not one of those with flip-able converter. Should I just hook it up and see if I can adjust everything to the correct flame height? Any suggestions?

    This is a link to the specs on the stove, mines black, but all else the same:

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    I found ACF3375AB-PACF3375AB1 ACF3375AB-PACF3375AB2 ACF3375AB-PACF3375AB3 ACF3375AB-PACF3375AB4

    Manual says the regulator is convertable....see section A

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