Whirlpool Oven Not Heating Properly

Whirlpool Oven Not Heating Properly

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Thread: Whirlpool Oven Not Heating Properly

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    My Whirlpool Super Capacity 465 (RF380LXKQ) electric range is not heating properly. I used a digital meat thermometer suspended below the middle rack to check temperature. This way I could have the display outside while the door was closed.

    When set to a temperature the preheat indicator comes on and the oven counts down the time till ready. However when the time hits zero it is not at the proper temperature. If I set it for 400F it will only be 300F when the time ends. If I raise temperature to 415F it will eventually settle out around 400F.

    I tried using the Oven Temperature Control adjustment in the manual but the amount that it is off by changes with temperature. In order to get it to settle around 450F I had to have the oven set to 470F.

    Any suggestion on what the problem is / how to troubleshoot it? I really don't want to buy a new oven.

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    A copy:


    Oven Temp Info .... If I set my oven at 350 it should be 350 at all times in the oven...Not the case... Its actually just an average temperature.

    When you set the oven to say 350, both the Bake Element at full power (220 volts) & the Broil Element at half power (110 volts, not all ranges use the broil element but most do) or if a gas range the oven burner comes on and starts to heat the oven to the desired temperature. The first cycle, see chart below, it will over shoot the desired temperature. This is normal. Use the info below to actually determine if your oven thermostat is out of calibration.


    A thermocouple type test instrument is recommended for checking the oven temperature, Digital thermometers with remote sensors work great for this. That's what I use. A mercury thermometer is not recommended because of inaccu?racies which may exist with the thermometer and its use. Nor do we recommend the inexpensive dial type thermometers found at your local grocery store or hardware store.

    The instrument should be checked for accuracy before making an oven tem?perature check. This can be done be immersing the thermocouple probe in boiling water. The reading indicated should be within a few degrees of 212 degrees F, depending upon altitude.
    The thermocouple used should be "weighted". Weighting the thermocouple (adding mass to the tip) reduces the amount of temperature swing which occurs at the thermocouple. Reducing the amount of temperature swing enables the thermocouple to indicate values which, when calculated, more accurately rep?resent the actual average oven temperature

    To Weight The Thermocouple:

    A thermocouple can be weighted in one of two ways:

    Two (2) one‑inch (1") squares of 1/16" thick aluminum can be clamped to the thermocouple tip.

    A 5" x 8" piece of aluminum foil can attached to the thermocouple tip.

    To Attach the Aluminum Foil:

    Fold the foil five (5) times, doubling the thickness with each fold.

    Place the thermocouple tip in the center of the aluminum piece and fold once more.

    Fold the sides so that the foil clings to the thermocouple tip.

    To Test Oven Temperature

    1. Place the weighted thermocouple probe in the center of the oven cavity, centered from front to back, top to bottom, and side to side.

    2. Program the control for bake at a temperature setting of 350 degrees F.

    3. Allow the oven to heat for at least 15 minutes or until the high and low temperature readings stabilize and become consistent.

    Overshooting of the oven temperature occurs on the first cycle of the control because components have not reached operating temperature. Two (2) or three (3) full cycles are required before beginning a check of the oven temperature.

    4. Calculate the average oven temper?ature. Add the high and low temper?ature reading peaks together and then divide by two (2).


    High Peak = 375

    Low Peak = 325'

    375 plus 325 = 700

    700 divided by 2 = 350

    Average oven temperature = 350'

    Several readings should be taken to provide an accurate indication.

    If the average oven temperature does not correspond to 350 degrees F., then Adjust the oven thermostat.

    I found RF380LXKQ0

    Usually best to make sure both broil and bake elements work ( get red ).
    There is really two items that control the oven temp, oven temp sensor and the clock/control.

    Oven temp sensor can be ohmed for continuity, normally 1000-1100 ohms at room temp. Sensor cna go funky once heated

    Whirlpool Oven Not Heating Properly-oven-sensor-w10181986-01070065-jpg Sensor-oven Manufacturer Number W10181986

    Whirlpool Oven Not Heating Properly-oven-control-board-6610316-00714783-jpg Electronic clock control, black Manufacturer Number 6610316

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