Read before posting - Hello and welcome!

Read before posting - Hello and welcome!

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Thread: Read before posting - Hello and welcome!

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    Default Read before posting - Hello and welcome!

    Hello and welcome!

    To help us better to help you, we would really need some
    useful information:
    - model#
    - approx age
    - make/name/brand

    Where is my Model Number? | Appliance Aid
    Some Model# helps.

    Dept stores brands can be a pain to get information or repair
    helps as they are made by other manufactures for the dept store, EG: Kenmore.

    There is no Kenmore company, any Sears/Kenmore was made by another company for Sears.

    Kenmore washing machines are mostly made by Whirlpool, but
    even they have 4 very different styles...

    Useful information like the model# will help us help you!!

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