GE Washer gtwn2800d1ww not working

GE Washer gtwn2800d1ww not working

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Thread: GE Washer gtwn2800d1ww not working

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    Default GE Washer gtwn2800d1ww not working

    Hello, new guy here. I have a ge washer that fills up but won't agitate, drains but wont spin. I have replaced the lid switch as i suspected it was the problem but nothing. Next i replaced the timer and nothing still. I checked the motor and it appears to be on normal standby as the tech sheet says. Light flashes 1 sec on and 1 sec off. This happens both before starting a cycle and after its done filling up. Am i reading the tech sheet right? Or is there something I'm missing.

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    Have tried to reset or clear any codes?

    A copy:

    To clear the error code, turn the washer off. Then disconnect power for about 20 seconds. Next, reconnect power then open and close the lid five or more times within 12 seconds in the first 30 seconds of power-up.

    Note that after you clear the code the washer may go back to work. This may be temporary and sometimes it is a permanent repair. I recommend clearing the code and if the code reoccurs retest what my be wrong.

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