AEG Lavatherm T56740 - Error E50

AEG Lavatherm T56740 - Error E50

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Thread: AEG Lavatherm T56740 - Error E50

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    Question AEG Lavatherm T56740 - Error E50

    This has started to happen intermittently. My dryer drum will turn for a couple minutes and then sound like it's struggling to turn the drum. It will eventually stop, display error code E50 and then beep twice every 10 seconds or so. From my search of the internet it sounds as if this is motor related – either the physical motor like commutator brushes failing or on the motor section of the PCB.

    Is there a diagnostic mode for this machine that might allow me to further refine where the problem is? And also might there be a parts breakdown for the motor in this dryer somewhere that might help me locating new brushes that fit?


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    This appears to be an UK style appliance.....we would not have any first hand info on this at all as we only service North American appliances.


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