Kenmore auto-defrost issue

Kenmore auto-defrost issue

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Thread: Kenmore auto-defrost issue

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    Default Kenmore auto-defrost issue

    I have a Kenmore Elite refrigerator model number 596.78283802. It’s a bottom freezer, double door fridge. It appears that the auto-defrost is not working. I will manually defrost it and it’s good for a month or so until the frost builds so heavy that air flow is restricted and the fridge starts getting warm.

    I learned how to enter manual defrost mode and when set the heater doesn’t seem to get hot. I replaced the bi-metal switch already just guessing that was the issue. Taking it apart this last time, I recorded the following readings:

    Defrost heater element has resistance of 31.8
    Bi-metal switch has resistance of 1.7 when cold and after warmed up has infinite resistance
    When I force defrost mode, the voltage sent to the heating element is 25 volts and when back into normal operating mode it still reads 19 volts?

    What do you think is the issue? Do I need a new control board, or could it be something else?

    I’ve kind of ruled out a Freon leak. It makes all the gurgling noises it should, and when not frosted up, seems to run just like it should.

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    If the defrost heater checks ok, if the defrost thermostat checks ok that leaves the control/timer/board as the prime suspect. Yes a broken wire somewhere is possible but this is very very rare!! So I would for sure replace the control/defrost board.

    Kenmore auto-defrost issue-main-control-board-wpw10503278-02013508-jpg Refrigerator electronic (JAZZ) control board

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