Whirlpool refrigerator clicking

Whirlpool refrigerator clicking

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Thread: Whirlpool refrigerator clicking

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    Default Whirlpool refrigerator clicking

    I have whirlpool refrigerator model #ET17JKXJW00. Keeps clicking and is not cooling properly. Is it relay? It just keeps running too. Also, the tank that holds freon is very hot to the touch. Thanks, you guys helped me fix washer several years ago, and it's still going strong
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    Keeps clicking and is not cooling properly
    If the clicking is coming from the compressor.....could be a bad compressor, bad start relay/over load or both, low voltage ( extension cord ).

    LINK> http://www.applianceaid.com/refriger...p.php#clicking
    Some testing tips.

    Whirlpool refrigerator clicking-relay-overload-kit-4387913-00642481-jpg Relay and overload, compressor

    Because most DIY'ers do not have the testing equipment we have, they just try another relay/over load and see what happens. Part can be returned the RC if it doesn't help for a refund.

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