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Machine starts over

Machine starts over

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Thread: Machine starts over

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    Default Machine starts over

    Kenmore washer
    Model - 110.50702011

    After my other post about water level, I would not be surprised if this is normal.
    When I hit pause, it will drain all the water and act as if it wants to start over.
    If I leave it alone, it seems to do fine. This on has a Water level switch so no problem with water level, unless I hit pause.
    Is this its way of adding more water if the load is added to?

    Dang new technology is making my head hurt sometimes.
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    Dang new technology is making my head hurt sometimes.
    Agreed 100%!!

    Does say is the lid is left open for more than 10 minutes, the water will drain out after hitting the pause.
    Page 4, page 9... Link is here.

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