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    We have covered this before, but I need to know if I understand it correctly.
    Friend had a dryer not advancing properly in auto. Was wanting another working stat. Didn't have the right rated one. All I could think to tell him was to make sure the lint screen was clean and clogged by dryer sheets and or get a new stat. The stat did show continuity, although the ias heater did not seem to ohm right. Not that the bias would have an effect on this situation. I was thinking it may indicate the stat is bad even though it showed continuity.
    After he left, it hit me that the resistor going to the timer might be bad as I had the same problem once with the auto cycle. Changed the resistor and solved the problem if I am thinking correctly.

    Had the part pictured in my mind, just could not remember what it was called for a little while.
    Right track?

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    Electric dryer?

    Some GE resistors...
    GE Dryer Resistor: Fast Shipping

    Friend had a dryer not advancing properly in auto. open heating element ( inner or outer ), bad operating thermostat, poor air flow and the heat is cycling on the safety thermostat and not the operating thermostat, bad resistor are common trouble makers.

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