BLOMBERG Dishwasher not draining

BLOMBERG Dishwasher not draining

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Thread: BLOMBERG Dishwasher not draining

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    Question BLOMBERG Dishwasher not draining

    Dishwasher - Blomberg DWT 25200 SSWS

    There were other things on the side too so here they are.

    USM - DWT 25200

    Stock # - 7659039571
    Serial # - 1380007602

    It seems to go through the washing cycles but water is left standing in the bottom. She said she checked the filter/s but no change.

    Any instuctionies for me?
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    I believe Blomberg is a Viking built product, and I have not seen one before.
    Might be a good idea to ask Rick or Jake if they are familiar with them at all.....hope they can help.

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