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    Had to have some 10/32 x 1/2" screws fro the cord on a dryer. I went to the hardware store to get them as I couldn't find any at Lowe's. Guy said he had steel and brass. Told I had rahter have the brass. But, these are solid brass not just coated or brass colored. Think they will be okay to attach the cord to the dryer terminal block?


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    Solid brass tends to be softer. They may strip out easily.

    You should be fairly safe from dissimilar metal corrosion.
    I think brass is fairly stable in terms of expansion with heat. Otherwise they would loosen up in time and create large amounts of heat and arcing.
    You would need to watch for this.

    I would stay with screws that are specifically made for electrical terminals, especially high current ones. They are designed to be torqued to the required specs, are made of metals that are compatible with everything else they will come in contact with, and will have low electrical resistance.

    You may want to check a oldschool appliance repair shop that's been around a while. They probably have drawers of what you need.

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    Think they will be okay to attach the cord to the dryer terminal block?

    Appliance Repair Aid

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