Dishwasher is not working

Dishwasher is not working

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Thread: Dishwasher is not working

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    Lightbulb Dishwasher is not working

    I have recently bought a Kenwood Dishwasher from Canada. As my mom wanted to use it ASAP , I somehow managed to install it myself. It worked well for a week too. But now, the water is not going to the dishwasher. I don’t know what happened now. I tried to know whether the problem is with the line to the dishwasher by removing it and directing the flow into a small bowl. Water came out without any trouble. What could be the reason for this? My friend says it’s better to replace the dishwasher as it has 1 year warranty. What you guys think? I badly wanted to fix the problem instead of replacing it. Because I bought it from London and don’t have time to have such a long journey now. I think consulting with a good plumber would be a good option. So, can anyone suggest a good plumber in Canada? Has anyone heard about ‘Brothers Plumbing? Happened to read their advertisement in a magazine last week.
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    If the d/w is under 1 year old, it has a warranty, call local warranty depot to check it out for you and DO NOT get too deep into it yourself and void the warranty.
    If you have water at the d/w entrance, a plumber will not be able to help with what appears to be a d/w issue.

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