started front loaded washing machine with water turned off

started front loaded washing machine with water turned off

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Thread: started front loaded washing machine with water turned off

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    Default started front loaded washing machine with water turned off

    Posted by: MMMhelpless

    I have a whirlpool front loader washing machine. I started it without turning the water on, went away and came back about a half hour later to see that warning messages were flashing. I turned the machine off, and it started making grinding noises, similar to the sound when the barrel turns on the top loader. this was when i realized that the water was turned off. I turned on the water, nothing happened. I tried pressing the on button nothing happened. I disconnected the power cord, the sound stopped. when i reconnected the cord, the sound started again. I disconnected the cord for about an hour, and when i reconnected it, the same sound started again. Oh, and the door has been locked through all of this. Please tell me if i can fix the problem, or if not, if the door can be unlocked. thanks

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    Posted by: MMMhelpless

    shortly after I posted this question, I received a call from a friend who has some knowledge of these things, and after a brief consultation, he told me to plug it in and let it finish whatever it was trying to do. after about 10 minutes, the machine stopped making that noise and turned off, and now it is working again.

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    Glad things are looking better again.
    I think I was have tried setting a spin/drain only setting and allow the washer to shut off on it's own and hopefully reset itself for the next cycle and unlock the door.
    Glad it is working again and that they could help


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