Blue rubbery gunk in dishwasher

Blue rubbery gunk in dishwasher

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Thread: Blue rubbery gunk in dishwasher

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    Angry Blue rubbery gunk in dishwasher

    Whirlpool DU915PWWB1.

    Wife says "My dishwasher just isn't getting anything clean"

    I start looking and have found a whole bunch of rubbery blue gunk. This stuff is in every nook & cranny, thick and rubber like.

    Assuming this was the type of dish soap causing this?

    Here are some photos of what we found. I took the screen filter apart. Basically destroyed it. Each spray arm was plugged with the stuff. The dish soap is in one picture. She has been using it for a couple years.

    I read the ingredients label and see that it has a thickener. Is the thickener causing all this?
    Attached Images Attached Images Blue rubbery gunk in dishwasher-10922538_10203692388055140_2087557740623721726_n-jpg Blue rubbery gunk in dishwasher-10922879_10203692400215444_6709468570078556388_n-jpg Blue rubbery gunk in dishwasher-10940444_10203692337133867_2401811858763048629_n-jpg 

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    Is the thickener causing all this?
    It would appear so.
    Also check the water temp inside the d/w...min 120?F and closer to 140?F the better to dissolve the soap during the cycle.

    Blue rubbery gunk in dishwasher-filter-3384593-00744093-jpg Filter assembly, pump and motor

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