Refrigerator in the garage

Refrigerator in the garage

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Thread: Refrigerator in the garage

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    Default Refrigerator in the garage

    I bought a Frigidaire model LFHT1513LWE refrigerator for my garage, but now the freezer doesn't get cold enough to freeze anything and the refrigerator doesn't keep things very cold at all. The freezer setting was at max and still won't freeze. I looked through the owners manual and saw a note that it needs to be installed where it doesn't get below 55 deg F, but I know a lot of people with refrigerators in their garage with no issues. I live in Iowa and my garage is insulated, so it rarely gets below 32F. Is the temp below 55 really the issue or could there be something wrong with the refrigerator?

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    Is the temp below 55 really the issue
    Yes it is.

    LINK> ( the heater is too old for your style refrigerator ).

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