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Maytag Ensignia quiet series 200 water temp issues.

Maytag Ensignia quiet series 200 water temp issues.

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Thread: Maytag Ensignia quiet series 200 water temp issues.

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    Default Maytag Ensignia quiet series 200 water temp issues.

    Hello all, forgive me if this has been posted. I am on my phone and searching wasn't easy.

    My Maytag ensignia quiet series 200 washing machine (MAV5758EWW) isn't filling with selected water temp. All options come out could and the hot option comes out semi warm on fill up.

    Wasn't sure if this was the rotary switch or another part of the washing machine that controls water temp. Amy help would be greatly appreciated.



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    isn't filling with selected water temp
    What exactly happens when selecting, hot, warm or cold?

    A copy:

    Wrong Water Temperature:
    •Run the Service Cycle to verify water temperatures.
    •Check that both faucets are turned on fully.
    •Make sure water heater is set to deliver a minimum of 120?F (49?C) hot water at the tap. Also check water heater capacity and recovery rate.
    •If the water heater is located a long distance from washer, the water line may need to be purged prior to starting wash cycle.
    •Check for reversed inlet hoses at the faucet or water valve.
    •Check wiring at the Water Valve, Timer, and ATC.

    Appliance Repair Aid

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