centennial load sensor or timer?

centennial load sensor or timer?

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Thread: centennial load sensor or timer?

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    Default centennial load sensor or timer?

    M - MVWC6SWW1

    Complaint is it starts to agitate before it the water starts entering. Then at the end of the spin cycle it starts to let water in and the clothes are left wet.

    Not sure what it does in between as I have not heard back from the lady.

    I sold this machine to her a couple of months ago. The lady I got it from said she had paid sevral dollars for a load sensor repair and it was acting up again. It never did act with me.

    I think I did post about it once concerning it letting a little water in each time the lid was raised.

    Anyway, I did find a video on checking the sensor for a Whilpool, Maytag, etc. It did not mention a model number, so I do not know if the tesing procedure would apply to this one.

    I suspect maybe the timer is at fault since the sensor had been replaced once some time back and it is acting up again.

    What would be the best way to proceed with this, if I get to look at it again, to narrow the culprit down?

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    Faulty load sense switch for sure but first, check the pressure tube. Cut 1/4" off end and reattach to the switch to ensure a tight fit. Buy from APP and it's warranted for one year.


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    Thanks Fixer. That was the first thing I was going to check if the lady got back with me for sure. That has fixed a few of the traditional washers for me in the past. I wasn't sure this one even had a tube. Hoping that is all it is since the sensor was replaced by the lady I got it from.

    I think maybe the lady that got it from me might be a little miffed since I told her it out of warranty (30 days), but I would try to help her find and correct the problem and save her a few bucks. No one answered the phone when I called her back. I really would like to help her out as cheaply as possible.

    Maybe she will call me back afterall.
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    These switches seem to be a piece of crap!

    centennial load sensor or timer?-temperature-switch-w10248240-01093343-jpg LINK> Automatic temperature control and Load Size Sensing Switch

    A tip:
    If switch fails make sure drain hose is up at least 42 inches from the finished floor and is discharging into an open stand pipe or laundry tub to prevent water from siphoning that can damaging switch.

    Appliance Repair Aid

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