Beaumark  oven shutting down

Beaumark  oven shutting down

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Thread: Beaumark oven shutting down

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    Default Beaumark oven shutting down

    Hey there, thanks for the forum! I have a model 12791-1 Beaumark stove and the randomly (it seems) the oven will just shut down. It restarts fine, runs for 10 min...then shuts down again. It only does this randomly. Any manuals available to see if they are using a timer of sorts (and unaware of it?). Thoughts on the problem?

    Thanks again

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    the oven will just shut down
    The settings stay ok but the oven stops heating? The clock/control shuts off and goes back to the time of the day?

    Any manuals available
    Most parts are NLA, never mind any manuals

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