Frigidaire fill valve..

Frigidaire fill valve..

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    Hello my name is Ryan Mataska.

    I had a few questions about treating the fill valve going to my ice maker. Now I did the "cheater" cord test and at first it coughed up some water but then nothing, I tried a few more times and nothing came out of the line but a couple drops. Now I'm assuming that means it's not working, is that normal that it tried at first and then nothing, or did I just burn it up... Now my question is there's 2 valves, one to dispense water and one going to the ice maker, the water dispenser on the fridge works fine, is it common for just one of the valves to go out and the other works? I just want to make sure I have the problem pin pointed the best i can before I go to the parts store.

    model: FRS6R3JW2

    Really appreciate any help, thanks.

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    Now I did the "cheater" cord test
    Shouldn't really try that on this style....many Frigidaire refrigerators have diodes in the fill circuits and this cuts the cycles from 60 to 30 to save energy.

    the water dispenser on the fridge works fine
    So it is the ice maker that is not filling? Is the ice maker going through it's paces but just not filling?

    there's 2 valves, one to dispense water and one going to the ice maker
    Sort of...first valve directs the water to the filter, from the filter to the second valve where it is separated into the chilled water and ice maker and yes, 1/2 of a valve can fail.

    If the ice maker is sending power to the fill valve, fill tube and elbow are not frozen up and then yes it would be a good idea to try a new fill valve assembly.

    Frigidaire fill valve..-water-inlet-valve-242252702-01677276-jpg LINK> Water inlet valve assembly

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