HotPoint Refrigerator model HTR15ABRFRWW

HotPoint Refrigerator model HTR15ABRFRWW

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Thread: HotPoint Refrigerator model HTR15ABRFRWW

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    Default HotPoint Refrigerator model HTR15ABRFRWW

    Can someone please tell me where the circuit/mother board is located in this appliance? There is not a small rectangle box on the back.

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    This refrigerator doesn't have one. Your model has a normal cold/temp control and defrost timer rather than an electronic board.

    #300 and #648 HotPoint Refrigerator model HTR15ABRFRWW-h0402358-00003-png

    HotPoint Refrigerator model HTR15ABRFRWW-temperature-control-thermostat-wr09x10133-00718149-jpg LINK> Temperature control thermostat

    HotPoint Refrigerator model HTR15ABRFRWW-defrost-timer-wr09x10041-00907555-jpg LINK> Defrost timer assembly

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