Amana side-by-side refer/freeze

Amana side-by-side refer/freeze

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Thread: Amana side-by-side refer/freeze

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    Hello all--
    New here so hope I can make sense to you folks.
    The subject refer/freezer has all but stopped cooling. It will maintain about 20 degrees in the freezer and around 45 in the refer section. Luckily, I have a second refer in garage and while transferring things to it I find that the back wall of the freezer section is covered in ice. Last couple of days I have been turning the timer by hand to help it limp along but need to get serious and either repair it or replace.
    The unit is about 10-12 yrs old and about 5 years ago I had to replace the thermostat on the coil. Symptoms are about the same this time but don't remember if it was ice covered. Also, the ice maker isn't making ice. A connection there??
    I would appreciate any help you may have--Thanks-
    (Model number is ARS2667BS)--

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    I find that the back wall of the freezer section is covered in ice.
    Ice or frost?

    Frost is more like white snow and is a frost free issue when the evaporator is completly covered with frost. Ice is more clear and is more like the defrost is working but the water is not running away, like a restricted drain.

    We normally check the defrost heater and defrost thermostat first, if one of these check as being bad we change them out first.
    If the defrost heater and defrost thermostat check out ok, then we change out the defrost control ( could be a timer or electronic board ).

    Amana side-by-side refer/freeze-defrost-thermostat-r0131454-00840863-jpg LINK> Defrost thermostat kit

    Amana side-by-side refer/freeze-defrost-heater-assembly-12049801-00557241-jpg LINK> Evaporator defrost heater

    Amana side-by-side refer/freeze-defrost-timer-67001036-00766578-jpg LINK> Defrost timer assembly


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